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Who We Are

Mission Statement
Offering accessible physical & social-emotional
development for girls through soccer.

At Rise Up SC, we focus on the whole girl. Our team aims to build girls' confidence and self-respect through the beautiful game of soccer. We coach girls to believe that with effort, there are no limits to what she can achieve. She is meant to break barriers, learn about herself, stay true to herself, and to do whatever it is she aspires.

Our lessons allow girls to create a sense of identity and self-expression - the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Sessions meet the unique needs of all girls, no matter her ability, background, or circumstances; we believe all communities should have access to great coaching, positive representation, and of course, the beautiful game!

Rise Up Soccer Club believes in the power of representation and visibility. You can’t be what you can’t see and when only 37% of soccer teams are coached by women, it’s important to put them at the forefront. Our organization is 100% women-led and our teams, board, and volunteers are staffed by women who strive to be the change they wish to see in soccer. 

Our board, staff, and volunteers will always be women. Those of us committed to the Rise Up Soccer Club mission are former players, coaches, mentors, and loyal fans of the beautiful game. 

Meet The Team

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Core Values:

  • Embrace our differences & find strength in what makes us unique

  • Respect our individual power & responsibility to make our own decisions

  • Lead with our positive words, thoughts, & actions

  • Stand up for ourselves & others

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